Chapter 4 – My Interrupted Flight Toward the Himalayas

Death The seat of the “single” or spiritual eye. (The point between the eyebrows.) At death the consciousness of man is usually drawn to this holy spot, accounting for the upraised eyes found in the dead.    Divine Healing “My brother officer and I first encountered him five days ago. We were patrolling by the […]

Chapter 3 – The Saint with Two Bodies

Divine Intervention “Are you Swami Pranabananda?” He nodded. “Are you Bhagabati’s son?” His words were out before I had had time to get Father’s letter from my pocket. In astonishment, I handed him the note of introduction, which now seemed superfluous. “Of course I will locate Kedar Nath Babu for you.” The saint again surprised […]

Chapter 2 – My Mothers Death and the Mystic Amulet

Divine Intervention Fourteen months after Mother’s passing, I learned that she had left me a momentous message. Ananta was present at her deathbed and had recorded her words. Although she had asked that the disclosure be made to me in one year, my brother delayed. He was soon to leave Bareilly for Calcutta, to marry […]

Chapter 1 – My Parents and Early Life

Aum The infinite potencies of sound derive from the Creative Word, Aum, the cosmic vibratory power behind all atomic energies.   Divine Healing I was blessed about the age of eight with a wonderful healing through the photograph of Lahiri Mahasaya. This experience gave intensification to my love. While at our family estate in Ichapur, […]

Autobiography of a Yogi

I don’t know if I have ever read a book more important to my life then Autobiography of a Yogi. But then again, you’ve probably heard the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will come,” and I have been blest to be a student of Paramhansa Yogananda now for over 40 years, beginning […]