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Chapter 3 – The Saint with Two Bodies

Divine Intervention “Are you Swami Pranabananda?” He nodded. “Are you Bhagabati’s son?” His words were out before I had had time to get Father’s letter from my pocket. In astonishment, I handed him the note of introduction, which now seemed superfluous. “Of course I will locate Kedar Nath Babu for you.” The saint again surprised […]

Autobiography of a Yogi

I don’t know if I have ever read a book more important to my life then Autobiography of a Yogi. But then again, you’ve probably heard the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will come,” and I have been blest to be a student of Paramhansa Yogananda now for over 40 years, beginning […]

Role of Babaji, Jesus & Yogananda

The Role of Mahavatar Babaji, Jesus Christ and Paramhansa Yogananda It is hard to express the unique and important role that Mahavatar Babaji, Jesus Christ and Paramhansa Yogananda have for the spiritual development of our planet. To help explain this, let’s start with a brief understanding of each of these great souls. Mahavatar Babaji For many, knowledge […]