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Most viewers to our website are well familiar with the Inner Path Store. We offer over 3,000 products for yoga, meditation and the spiritual life. At Inner Path we endeavor to provide both unique and hard-to-find products, as well as all the basic items you need to support your yoga and meditation practice, as well as the lifestyle that develops naturally from this practice. Quality and service are the hallmark at the Inner Path Store. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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Inner Path Foundation

In addition to general donations the Inner Path Foundation includes some unique options for your support.

The Inner Path General Fund

Your generous support helps us maintain the many websites and projects in development. We also seek loans from time to time and volunteer support. Listed below are two projects that we’re presently working on.

Needed Now: At this time we are considering the purchase of the commercial building that is home to the Inner Path Yoga and Meditation Center of Nevada City, California. For this project we are seeking loans and donations to help fund the purchase.

Needed Now: As we develop the many projects in Los Angeles, we need both donations and loan assistance. We are also seeking a volunteer to create an artistic rendering of the World Peace Gardens and the other projects that we envision. Let us know if you’re that special person.

The Thousand Points of Light Endowment Fund

The goal of The Thousand Points of Light Endowment Fund is to attract 1,000 willing souls who will each donate $1,000 to the Fund, thus creating a one million dollar endowment.

This program includes a unique component. With most endowment funds, once you make a donation you no longer have a say as to what happens with the funds. With The Thousand Points of Light Fund each member will help determine to what cause the year-end grants are distributed. Thus, we strive to empower both your donation and your intent for as long as you care to participate. Your support is greatly appreciated.


The 10% Commitment

Through this program we share the joy of tithing and help willing souls make a commitment that is meditative, serviceful and supportive. We think you will find the concept and its manifestation to be quite an adventure.Briefly, here’s how it works. Usually people think of tithing as being a purely financial transaction, giving usually up to 10% of their income. Our recommendation, however, is to expand the concept and allow the tithing process to include a greater aspect of your life – the time you spend in inner communion, in serviceful works to your church or community, and also financially.

Thus we encourage you to consider the following:

Inner Communion and Meditation – 10% of 24 hours is 144 minutes or 2 hours and 24 minutes. Can you give to Spirit that much time in your day? For some, that could manifest as a one hour meditation each morning and evening, and a short meditation break at lunch or perhaps a period of spiritual reading before bedtime. Your inner communion time can include all the things that presently express your spiritual effort including a formal meditation, hatha yoga, chanting, reading spiritual books, a walk in nature, pretty much anything that takes you within. Consider this a tithe for your soul. You won’t be disappointed by the results.

Serviceful Works – Many of us work about 40 hours a week. Can we give 4 hours of our week to helping others? Studies show that people are happiest when in service to others. Our assistance could include doing volunteer work of any kind, helping a friend in need, or a project of our own design. Give it a chance. You’ll be surprised at how good it feels.

Financial Support – The classic form of tithing is not an out dated practice. Tithing helps to remind us that it’s not our money anyway and makes a helpful affirmation that our life and support, financial and otherwise, comes from God alone. Generally you should tithe to an organization or group of organizations that provide you with your source of spiritual inspiration. Your consideration of Inner Path in this manner would be greatly appreciated.


Rajarshi Social Enterprises

Not everyone has the ability or interest to donate funds. Often putting our money to work as an investment is just as effective. Through Rajarshi Social Enterprises (RSE), a socially responsible for-profit corporation, one has the opportunity to do just that.

RSE is dedicated to building enlightened communities through business, financial and real estate services. Their goal is to support the establishment of spiritual communities, conscious and socially responsible businesses, and other endeavors, through self-initiated projects, investments and business services.

Although not legally associated with Inner Path, many of the company’s projects are directly in line with the intentions of Inner Path and the company donates 10% of its profit at year-end. Think of it as a socially responsible investment with a spiritual intention. Check out their website at Rajarshi Social Enterprises. Minimum investment is $5,000.


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