One World Family

One World Family

The One World Family offers each of us an opportunity to share in acknowledging our unity in Spirit, and our divine relationship as brothers and sisters of the One Father-Mother-God. Listed below is a Statement of Beliefs.

As a member of the One World Family I aspire …

To honor the sanctity of all life.

To accept the holiness of Self as an individualized aspect of Spirit.

To realize the Divinity within my Self, within all creation and the Creator.

To attune my Self to the Divine Plan for my life.

To recognize the Divine Plan as an expression of the Greater Good.

To seek attunement with Spirit through meditation and going within.

To remember my life long duty to Love, Serve and Remember.

To treat my body as a temple of God.

To see all souls as my divine brothers and sisters.

To see the earth as my home.


We invite you to become a member of the One World Family by contacting us through our Contact Us page. Soon we will be offering the Statement of Beliefs as an inspiring wall hanging and, in a short while, as a beautiful pendant and pin depicting the Unity of Life.

Thank you for considering this simple but important affirmation of our unity in Spirit.

Editor’s Note:
We’d like to give special thanks to Dana Andersen for use of her painting Gaia. Dana is the Director of the Awakening Arts Academy in Assisi, Italy, and travels extensively sharing her teaching of higher consciousness through the creative arts.

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