Yoga Outreach Initiative

The Yoga Outreach Initiative was created to share the benefits of yoga and meditation with minority communities throughout the United States. As, no doubt with you, we share a deep concern for the struggle and social disparity that many minority communities experience. By sharing the teachings of yoga we hope to help empower this aspect of society with the uplifting and life changing philosophy that yoga and meditation can provide.

You have probably heard the saying, “Attitude is everything.” We’d like to suggest that in actuality, “Consciousness is everything,” for attitude is of the mind, but consciousness is of the Spirit. When our consciousness changes, our understanding of life changes as well. To understand this, you have only to think of what happens when you look out from a high mountain trail or a multi-story building. Your view of the surroundings changes dramatically and with that expansive view comes a new understanding and the power to make different life decisions.

See below for an understanding of what we succinctly hope to accomplish:


  1. To help resolve the social disparity often found in minority communities by supporting the education of minority yoga teachers and the establishment of yoga and meditation centers in minority communities.


  1. Work with nonprofit social action organizations to identify feasible communities and individuals to share in the development of this project. (Ex: Black Yoga Teachers Alliance and their “Yoga as a Peace Practice” initiative.)
  2. Provide scholarships to minority students for Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training programs.
  3. Help establish and manage yoga and meditation centers in minority based communities.
  4. As needed and feasible, establish other supportive businesses and enterprises such as natural food restaurants, natural healing clinics and small spiritual communities.
  5. Highlight the history of blacks and other minorities in the development of yoga in the United States. (Ex: Swamini Turiyasangitananda.)
  6. Highlight the teachings and successes of minority yoga and meditation teachers in the U.S.

Needed Now

  1. Organizational, networking and financial support.
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